Auto Financing For Bad Credit Auto Financing For Bad Credit

Bad Advertising Slogans

Advertising is one of the main ways that dealers try to get you to come in and push the process to buy a new car. The rush to the sell the most cars is strong and many dealers will act less than pure during this process. One of those ways is by imploring false advertising. Now, they will not lie to your face, they just might stretch the truth. The following are some of those advertising techniques that you need to be aware of.

0% Financing

Are you looking for auto financing for bad credit? Well then you should take a look at our 0% financing. That would sound great coming out of a dealer's mouth right? They want it to sound like you should not wait any longer otherwise this one in a lifetime deal might pass you by and your credit won't matter. What they neglect to mention is that this will only apply for approved credit. Which means you might have to have a high credit score. All this does is set you back in your process, and waste your time. It is their way of getting you into the dealership so they can start to control you.

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We Will Take Care of Your Trade In

Do you owe money on your trade in? No problem, the dealership will take care of it! This is another thing that sounds good but is not necessarily true. If they do this then they are actually losing money, which is not something that they want to do. What they will probably do is add that amount you owe onto the price of the car you are looking to buy. This will make sure that they are not the ones footing the bill. It may seem like they are helping you in this regard, but that might not be true. Do your research.

Below Invoice Pricing

You mean to tell me that they are going to sell this car and limit the profit that they make off of it? Sounds too good to be true! Remember, profits are what drive dealerships. Anytime it looks like they are getting you a deal that does not end up in a profit for them, be wary. They probably got some deal on this car and are not telling you the truth on how much they actually marked it up. This is why it is important to know what they paid for the car. You might be shocked to find out how much this amount was. This could also be a starting point for any negotiations. Learn what women want on the next page.

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