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Your Trip to the Dealer

Your trip to the dealer might be more important than you realize. It is a must that you stay in control of this entire process and do not get pushed around. You did the work to get auto financing for bad credit and you alone must make sure that it comes through for you. The following are some tips that you can use to make sure the trip to the dealer goes smoothly.

When at the Dealership

The last thing you want to do is make the dealer think that you have a lot of money. If they sense that you can afford whatever car is thrown your way, then they will not work with you to get you a great deal. This is one time you should not dress to impress. You should just throw on some clothes and go. Do not worry about dressing like you are going to dinner at a country club.

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The other thing you do not want to do is drive another high priced car to the dealer. This can only happen if you are trading that car in. Leave your Mercedes at home and go look for the new car. They can very easily judge you on the car that you are driving in. This will also not work out in your favor because, once again, they will not look to get you the best deal.

We cannot stress this point enough. Never, ever give them control of your driver's license. You are handing them control over the process when you do this. When they have your license they can credit check you whenever they want, and they can very well hold your ID hostage until you give in. What you need to do is make photo copies of the license, and give them one of those. Make sure you write "no authorized credit checks" over the image as well. This way they can not sneak away and do a credit check without getting your permission.

Use These Tips

Do not be afraid of the dealer. They need your sale in order to do well, so they should be the one who is meeting your needs. Remember, it is your auto financing for bad credit, not theirs. Use these tips to your advantage and make sure that you always put yourself in the best position possible. Now is the time for everyone to rise up and stop fearing the dealer! Read about auto moves you can make.

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